Quote1 You don't know what it's like to have friends. You could tell me what it's like to feed on love, but you can't tell what it's like to truly love and be loved. Your motivations are selfish, we fight because we know about things worth fighting for! Love! Friendship! We have things you can't hope to have! You envy us! Ponies who can't do things themselves tell others that they can't do it...I can stand up to you...And I can win! Quote2
--Twilight Sparkle[src]


Princess Twilight Sparkle is the Princess of Friendship and newest Princess to rule over the Pony kingdom of Equestria. Prior to becoming an alicorn princess, Twilight was a unicorn who grew up in Canterlot in an upper-middle class family with two loving and supportive parents and a caring older brother. Twilight was extremely intelligent from a young age, as a filly, she was capable of playing complex Tabletop RPGs with her brother and his friends and at a slightly older age, she was accepted into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, which is where she would adopt and raise Spike, who would become Twilight's assistant and very best friend.

Early LifeEdit


Twilight Sparkle enjoyed a stable childhood with loving parents, a doting older brother and a caring babysitter who treated Twilight like her own baby sister. Twilight enjoyed many activities in her childhood, she would track down monsters with her older brother (though was scared silly when they actually heard a monster), played Oubliettes and Ogres with her brother and his friends and enjoyed complex math. Twilight however, lacked a social circle and didn't have any friends to call her own. Not that this lack of friendship ever truly bothered Twilight, she was content with what she had.

Twilight had a rather impish side in her childhood and though it never truly went away, it was most present in her interactions with Shining Armor. She loved to tease her older brother for his slightly dim nature and lack of "girl skills". Still, she helped her babysitter, Princess Cadance hook up with her brother after realizing the two were madly in love with one another. Twilight bonded well with Cadance, the two had a love for mathematics, cookies and generally got along great. Twilight still liked to tease Cadance for her love for Shining Armor, but regardless, the two grew a loving, sisterly bond that they retained in their adult lives.

After attending the Summer Sun Celebration and viewing the majesty that was Princess Celestia, Twilight was inspired to try even harder at her already impressive academic record and practiced rather complicated magic for her age. Sometime later, her parents took her to take the entrance exam at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, which was to hatch a dragons egg. Although it initially appeared that Twilight failed her exam miserably, she was briefly supercharged by Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, allowing her to past the exam with flying colors and hatch the dragons egg.

Not to long later, Twilight attended her first day at the prestigious school, as enthusiastic and esteemed as she's ever been. To her surprise, Twilight was tasked with another burden, raising the dragon she hatched only months ago. On top of her already hectic and stressful education, Twilight struggled to raise the dragon and often neglected it, its needs and was a very strict and unemphatic caretaker. After realizing how much the dragon cared about her despite her harsh treatment, she eventually came around and grew to love the dragon as if it was family, naming it "Spike" after its first words, "Ike".

Teenage to Young Adult YearsEdit

Twilight's fun-loving, adventurous and bubbly side eventually drifted away and a more analytical, scholarly, anti-social, rude and unemphatic personality grew to take its place. While still pure of heart and kind, Twilight rarely interacted with others and was very controlling of her baby dragon, who she still cared for and raised. Twilight used much of her teenage years studying various subjects and read several books. Presumably in this time, Twilight read every book in the Daring Do franchise and became a huge fan of the author, Jade Singer.


Twilight has been described as being both a weirdo and pure of heart. She is righteous, heroic, courageous, kind-hearted, caring, loving, scholarly and very brave. In many ways, Twilight is not only the "heart" of the Mane Six, but of all of Ponyville. She loves her friends as if they were family and views the entire town of Ponyville as her family. Twilight is an incredibly altruistic pony, willing to risk her life for friends, strangers and even mortal enemies alike.

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